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Welcome to the Unvired Documentation Home! This is the Developer Reference for the Unvired Platform and all Applications. You'll find useful information about administering the platform, how-to guides helping you getting started with us and technical documentation on how the technology works.

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Unvired Digital Enterprise Platform (UDEP) is a web, mobility, offline, digitization and integration platform. UDEP can either be used in its totality as a multi-utilitarian platform or as a specific use case platform.  The UDEP helps connect business processes and data between two or more end systems / devices.

Unvired also develops and supports standard applications on the UDEP such as those for Digital Forms, SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Inspections and Work Orders among others.  Unvired also builds the Chyme Bots platform for developing and deploying NLP and ML enabled Enterprise Bots.

You can read all about developing and deploying Enterprise Mobile / Web Apps and Chyme Bots by browsing these guides.

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Want to get your hands dirty?  You can access a list of all the Unvired Developer and Admin Guides here,

You can find all our samples on GitHub.

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